New technology, optimization of products, continuous exploration and research and continuous to meet customer needs in layer by layer progress, now the factory has the independent three-breaded wood strip polyester fiber board technical skills


In order to meet the increasing needs of customers, our factory has met many customers who want to customize the three-bread-covered wood strip polyester fiber board, because this three-bread-covered wood strip polyester fiber board can show better visual effects and appear more high-end in quality. According to the research of the Marketing Department, this kind of three breaded polyester fiber board is very popular among consumers in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, UK, Netherlands, Finland and Spain) and North America (USA, Canada and Mexico). In the design department of the enterprise to use PS technology, restore the real decoration effect of three bread cover sound absorbing board, really realized that three bread cover in the visual is more excellent. 4

Based on the memory exchange between the business department and the production department of the factory, the company decided to make efforts to realize the independent three breaded technology as soon as possible, regardless of the cost, in order to better serve customers. Under the supervision of the factory management department, the technicians of our factory started from various aspects, maintained the attitude of striving for perfection and insisted on the spirit of being not afraid of hardship. After repeated attempts, they finally made the polyester fiber board of our factory with three bread covers, which truly realized the three bread covers in the process and technology, representing the great improvement of our factory from single bread covers to three bread covers. At present, our factory can use natural veneer and technology veneer coating, has fully meet the needs of customers for high end products.31

Post time: May-15-2023